Secretary of State predicts 35% turnout for May 14th primary election


Nebraska’s statewide primary election is Tuesday, May 14. Secretary of State Bob Evnen predicts voter turnout will be around 35%. The estimate is based on early voting and turnout trends in recent primary elections.

“Nebraska’s polling places will be fully staffed and prepared for voters on Election Day,” Secretary of State Bob Evnen said. “More Nebraskans have stepped up to serve as poll workers, and county election offices are ready so that voters can cast their ballots securely and independently. We anticipate that most voters will use their driver’s licenses or state IDs to fulfill Nebraska’s new voter ID requirement.”

Early voting wrapping up

County election offices sent out 155,110 early ballots to registered Nebraska voters who completed the early voting application process and the new voter ID requirement. That total does not include voters in Nebraska’s 11 by-mail counties and 19 partially by-mail counties. Those counties sent 50,425 early voting ballots to their by-mail registered voters. Those voters will complete the voter ID requirement when they return their ballots.

As of May 10, 2024, county election offices have received 125,823 early ballots from registered Nebraska voters. 5,481 voters have voted early at their county election offices.

“Most Nebraskans are returning their early voting ballots without issues or concerns,” Secretary of State Bob Evnen said. “County election offices continue to help voters understand the new voter ID law.”

It’s too late for voters to return their early voting ballots via mail. Voters should utilize secure drop boxes to return their early voting ballots before the close of polls on Election Day.

Monday, May 13
, will be the final day voters can vote early in person at their county election offices.

Tuesday, May 14,
will be the final day voters can return their early voting ballots to their county election offices. Voters cannot return early voting ballots at polling places. Election offices will accept early voting ballots until 8 p.m. Central Time or 7 p.m. Mountain Time on Election Day.

Polling places are prepared for Election Day

Tuesday, May 14, is Election Day. Polling places will be fully staffed with poll workers. Polls will be open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Central Time or 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Mountain Time. Last fall, the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office began training county election officials on new voter ID procedures. County election officials incorporated the new instructions and material in their poll worker training sessions.

Secretary Evnen reminds voters of Nebraska’s new voter ID law

Voters should be prepared to vote with one of the following acceptable IDs:

  • Nebraska driver’s license
  • Nebraska state ID
  • U.S. passport
  • Military ID
  • Tribal ID
  • Hospital, assisted-living facility or nursing home record
  • Nebraska political subdivision ID (state, county, city, school, etc.)
  • Nebraska college or university ID (public or private)

The ID must have the voter’s name and photo. IDs can be expired. The new law does not require Nebraska voters to re-register to vote. Voter ID educational material is available in English and Spanish at

Beware of election-related misinformation

The Secretary of State’s office reminds voters to use trusted sources for election information, such as information distributed from the Secretary of State’s Office or a Nebraska county election office. It’s important to verify claims that come up in election-related articles and social media posts.