Help When You Need It Most

For those who have obesity, prediabetes, diabetes or diabetes-related complications, seeking out a diabetes care and education specialist is an important step in helping navigate the disease.


“Diabetes is a complex and challenging disease that requires daily self-management decisions. Most patients work with their provider to achieve their diabetes care goals, but they should also consider getting diabetes self-management education and support,” said Monica Wacker, RN, Community Hospital Diabetes Educator.


Diabetes self-management education and support is covered by most insurance plans and gives the diabetic patient knowledge, skills and support to manage their diabetes. It provides them with the foundation to help navigate their daily self-care with confidence.


Diabetes self-management education and support is offered by a diabetes care and education specialist, an experienced healthcare professional such as a registered nurse, registered dietitian or pharmacist, among other. They work with patients to design a management plan tailored to their lifestyle, culture and beliefs. Best of all, they can help people cope with their emotions and the demands of managing a 24/7 disease.


“It’s never a bad time to book an appointment with a diabetes care and education specialist,” Wacker said, “but there are a few times in your life when seeing one is extra important.” These times include:

  • When you are diagnosed with diabetes.
  • At least once per year or when you are struggling to meet your care goals.
  • When new complicating factors arise.
  • During changes in your life and care.

To find out more about diabetes self-management education and support, contact Wacker at 308-344-8539.