Gov. Ricketts Signs Legislation to Protect Good Samaritans

Today, Governor Pete Ricketts announced that he has signed LB 832 into law.  LB 832, introduced by Senator Bruce Bostelman of Brainard, gives legal protection to “good Samaritans” who forcibly enter a locked vehicle to rescue an endangered child.  For instance, it provides immunity from civil liability for someone who breaks a window to save a baby stranded in a hot car.

“When Nebraskans see a child stranded in a hot car, we want them to take action,” said Gov. Ricketts.  “Senator Bostelman’s bill protects Good Samaritans who do what’s needed to rescue a child in danger.”

“It’s heartbreaking whenever a child is lost from heatstroke after being trapped in a hot vehicle,” said Senator Bostelman.  “LB 832 raises awareness about these tragedies and empowers Nebraskans to respond when necessary to save a life.”

The National Safety Council has launched a “Look before You Lock!” campaign to prevent vehicular heatstroke.