MCC BCE to offer monthly painting parties

Rachiell Roberts will provide an opportunity for people to relax, have some laughs and get creative with their friends and co-workers on a monthly basis at the college. She is a new adjunct instructor for the Business and Community Education Department and will offering a class called “Canvas Creations” every month at MCC.  Rachiell has offered similar “painting parties” when she was connected with the paint shop, Bottles and Brushes, previously located downtown McCook. Now she is partnering with the BCE to provide just such an experience for those looking for a fun-filled few hours.

One Saturday a month from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. she will hold a paint-in. And in three hours, with a paint brush in hand, artists of all skill levels will create an acrylic 14 by 18-inch canvas masterpiece to take home.  The first class is scheduled Nov. 10 in McMillen Hall and is entitled “Cherry Blossoms.” Participants will create a serene silhouette of an autumn tree in the glowing moonlight.  You can register for the class by calling the BCE, 345-8122, or online at

Rachiell started painting two years ago, teaching herself to paint by watching tutorials on YouTube and perfecting her skill with her work at Bottles and Brushes. “Painting is a stress reliever for me,” she said.  “When I feel I need a break and just be with me, I paint.  Sometimes I’ll follow a tutorial of something I like or I will throw some dark paint on a canvas, stare at it, and paint what I see.” These class offerings will help Rachiell share this experience with others who are looking for ways to unleash their creativity and let their inner artist out to play. It’s fun art, not fine art! Whether one is the artistic type or can’t draw a stick figure, it promises to be a good time—no set-up, no clean-up, just paint and go. So grab a friend or two and come for an adventure creating your very own masterpiece. Individuals and groups welcome; alternative days/times can also be scheduled for groups. Call 308-345-8122 for more details.