Red Willow County Implements Text to 911

Text to 911 is scheduled to be implemented in Red Willow County  this week. The text to 911 system is designed primarily for deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired citizens. However, if making a voice call would directly endanger the person calling 911 then texting would be an option. It is important to note, calling 911 remains the fastest and most efficient way to request emergency assistance. Text to 911 calls will be handled similar to wireless 911 calls and TTY911 calls. The calls will be received through the 911 system. Because of the lack of accurate or reliable address/location information, the priority will be to determine the caller’s exact location. Without the location information, emergency response cannot be sent. If it is determined the caller is not in Red Willow County, the call cannot be transferred to the correct jurisdiction. The individual will then be instructed to call 911 so they can be transferred to the correct 911 center. When the dispatcher disconnects the call, an automatic message will be sent advising the caller they have been disconnected and to call 911 by voice or originate a new text message if they need additional assistance. This service is not currently supported by all cell phone carriers or other 911 centers in the region. If you attempt a text and is not supported, you will receive a message advising you that you must make a voice call to 911. Currently the text capabilities are limited to English only. Questions reference text to 911 in Red Willow County should be directed to McCook Police Chief Ike Brown, McCook Police Department, 308-345-3450. You can also email Chief Brown at